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Friday, August 21, 2015

Each New Day Beckons You to be a Better Person

Each New Day Beckons You to be a Better Person

1. Lift someone up today: emotionally, intellectually, financially or spiritually.
2. Take time to review your day: improve yourself when you've fallen short; 
     congratulate yourself on a job well-done.
3. Keep up to date on the daily news: world, national and local. Your life may depend 
    upon that knowledge you've gained.
4. Increase your knowledge base.
5. Repair your house.
6. Beautify your world: plant a tree or flower.
7. Plan for the future: try to minimize disasters!
8. Try to get along with humans; it's tough sometimes, but usually worth it.
9. Improve your health: don't let your body be a drag on living life to its fullest.
10. Seek adventure: calculated risks are stimulating.
11. ADD YOUR OWN...........      

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