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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Author habitats

 I always found it interesting to learn the habitats of authors as they are writing their novels. John Steinbeck, my favorite author, wrote his novels on a typewriter as he faced a blank, white wall. He didn't want any outside interference to interrupt his thoughts. Samuel Clemens liked to work from home on his porch. Each day he would take a 2 hour walk about town in his famous white suit to get exercise for a body that was sedentary most of the time. J.K. Rowling scripted her Harry Potter series in a local coffee shop, seated casually at a table while she rocked her baby girl back and forth with her foot as she lay napping in the stroller. J.K. Rowling was financially destitute then. That cafe and her story creation kept her grounded.

I like to write at a table on my deck. When I'm searching for a thought, I have the habit of gazing around at my gardens that surround the property. These gardens help to instill peace into my soul. As I look at them, it is as if they are sending a message back to me that all is well with the world. Yes, all is well with THEM! I take good care of my gardens, which requires a lot of time on my part. My gardening time takes away from my writing. It is only for this reason that I somewhat welcome the winter season. This season gives me a lot of time to write because of the respite from gardening.

The completion of Native Hope is behind schedule! Yet, I don't want to panic and force the creative process. Good writing comes from a mind at peace. I'm looking forward to reentering my world in ancient Fiji.